Our mission is the intellectual empowerment and the character development of Louisville youth through the sport of team chess.

Our values include sportsmanship, character, team work and family.

Our vision is becoming the most successful and impactful urban chess program in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Embracing Possibilities

Founded in May 2016, the West Louisville Chess Club knows our continued success is largely dependent upon our ability to recruit, train, motivate, inspire, and certify urban chess coaches.


It is through certified chess coaches
(recruited and trained by senior coach Corbin) 
we can recruit more young people and their families

Our Coaches

The West Louisville Chess Club was founded by the Louisville Urban League (www.lul.org) in May 2016. At that time, the Louisville Urban League appointed Corbin as the West Louisville Chess Club's senior coach and recruiter.

Today, the West Louisville Chess Club is a community-based chess program. We are forever grateful to the Louisville Urban League for giving us our start. Our fruitful relationship with the Louisville Urban League continues as we are both 100% committed to youth education, empowerment, and development. The West Louisville Chess Club is actively seeking additional sponsors and partners who support our mission and vision. We can be reached at  UrbanLouisvilleChess@yahoo.com.

The West Louisville Chess Club is partly funded by Metro United Way. For more info on other programs that Metro United Way supports and to support Metro United Way, click on the image to the left to go to their website.